SEO training for internet marketing in Cambodia

Are you interested to learn SEO and internet marketing?

Internet marketing training

I explain all the process in my training, tools to use and how to achieve concrete results! I offer my 15 years of SEO experience.

SEO Training for self-employed, Internet marketers, webmasters, developers, computer graphics, etc. Learn and develop your own business and start a great career in SEO Marketing.

The benefits of this training in marketing Internet are obvious. Private and economic training, mainly focused on your specific needs directly related to your industry.

​Several people have already benefited from this training wanting to dynamic and more comprehensive and have started to make money on the Web.

topics for online internet marketing courses for Cambodia

- The objectives and benefits of SEO
- The paid software and free to use
- SEO keyword and Web Focus Group
- How to choose the right keywords
- Paid per click (PPC).
- The optimization of a site's pages
- Indexing on Google and other engines?
- Spam-indexing
- The indexation of serious errors
- The position reports
- Tracking Method SEO and performance
- Certification, teaching materials and useful references

Costs: 75,00$

Will get you The results, It's Guaranteed!

Testimonial: "At the beginning I had some fear for the course by internet but the quality of the training and experience of the trainer give my confidence.

I succeeded where I had failed before. 4 months after my training, the team of SEOKhmer in Cambodia is always available for my questions. I recommend, with this company you will reach your goals.  Thank you!
François T